Understand Your Credit Score – It’s Important!

What a Credit Score Is Your credit score is a three-digit number that is used to assess your creditworthiness – which is how the banks can guess if they’ll be paid back. It is based on your credit history and reflects your ability to repay loans and credit cards on time (that’s the important part). […]

Thoughts on Auvelity

What It Is So, if you’re here, I probably don’t have to tell you that Auvelity is an antidepressant. While I will not go into the scientific aspects of this medication, I will say that per the manufacturer, Auvelity is a drug that is supposed to help major depressive disorder. However, I have found that […]

Doing Laundry – *Properly*

There is an art to doing laundry the right way No, this will not be some comprehensive guide on fabrics or how to use your machines, but it will be a guide on how to get by with cleaner clothes than any of the idiots on your dorm room floor. Let’s begin. Step 1. Ingredients! […]